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Deck Painting

Let our company take over your deck painting in Toronto, Ontario. Even if this is a small-sized deck, the job is quite demanding. You see, painting a deck involves much more than applying coatings. It’s about breathing new life into a deck and the process involves repairs and a thorough preparatory stage. And then, painting a wood deck is not the same as painting a composite deck. On top of that, not all wood species are the same. But finding the right paints, choosing the best finishing solutions for one’s taste, and doing the job with the accuracy demanded all take expertise. And if you are looking for experienced deck painters in Toronto, you don’t have to go far. Toronto Home Painters is standing right here and is ready to serve.

Deck painting Toronto contractors

Deck Painting Toronto

If you are looking for deck painting Toronto-located contractors, turn to our company. As we explained already, our team is experienced with decks of all types, regardless of the material. To make sure the job is properly done, we send a pro to your home to take a close look at the deck. We need to know more about it – like its condition, the material, the size. Then, we need to know about what you have in mind and what colors and finishing coatings you like to suggest solutions. That’s how more or less painting jobs begin. If you want at your home in Toronto deck painting, let’s talk about your needs so that we can provide color and finishing solutions along with an estimate.

Is this a cedar deck? A pressure-treated wood deck? Painting service you can trust

Whether you need pressure-treated or cedar wood deck painting, you can count on our team. All decks are painted, irrespective of the material or wood type. We just need to emphasize that the material is always taken into account when the deck is prepped and painted. And since it’s usually needed, painting jobs start only when the necessary deck repairs are done. Then, the deck painter cleans, sands, and preps as required before they apply the primer and finishing coatings.

Need deck repainting? Or to paint a deck for the first time?

We are here for all deck finishing jobs. From deck repainting and staining to painting the deck for the first time, you can trust us with any needed service. A deck is best to be stained when the wood design and grains are beautiful and there’s only a need to protect the material from the elements. If you want to paint a deck, you likely want some color in the backyard. Or, the existing deck color has faded and doesn’t look good.

Now, if the deck is painted and currently peeling, it is properly scraped, sanded, and cleaned before it’s repainted. So, have no worries about the way the job is done, despite the deck’s condition and material. Plus, all parts of the deck are painted – from the boards and railing to the staircases. Should we now talk about your deck, your favorite colors, what you have in mind, and the cost? Contact our team if it’s time for deck painting in Toronto.