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Door Painting Toronto

Want one door in your Toronto home painted? A couple of doors painted? All doors painted? No matter your service needs, if we are talking about door painting in Toronto residences in Ontario, you can count on our company.

With Toronto Home Painters, your doors start a new cycle of life. They become strong, healthy, and beautiful. If you don’t want to change your doors or cannot afford to get new doors or you simply want to change the appearance of your home doors, the solution is only a call or message away. Make contact with our company for door painting service in Toronto.

In Toronto, door painting services

Want to change the color of your interior doors? Would you like to have the front door painted? No matter the job of door painting, Toronto contractors stand before you fully prepared to take action.

  •          Exterior doors painting. More often than not, homeowners want to have the front door painted. But there are other main exits in homes, like back doors, kitchen doors, patio doors, and more. No matter the exterior door, painters are at your service. Since exterior doors should remain strong and are constantly battling with the elements, their outer side is prepped well and painted with coatings suitable for outdoor applications.
  •          Interior doors painting. If you want to paint interior doors, just tell us so. As is often the case, customers prefer to have all interior doors painted the same color and finish for a cohesive look. Do you want one sole door to stand out? You can have it painted a different color.

That’s true for exterior doors too. All doors may share the same hue apart from the front door, which may stand out due to its vibrant red or blue or black.

Once again, before painting interior doors, the pros first prep them. Interior doors may not weather but they still get their share of ordeal over the years. Dents, scratches, and other flaws are addressed. The surface is cleaned, sanded, and scraped as needed before it’s primed and finished.

  •          Full house door painting. Of course, you can have all the doors in your house painted. Or, just one door painted. It doesn’t matter. No matter how big or small the project is, the pros come prepared to prep the door and paint it the color of your choice.

Painting house doors – best Toronto painters at your service

If you plan to paint house doors and want an expert team on the job, look no further. We have experience with all types of doors & materials. This is vital, how, you may ask! It’s vital if you consider that different materials need different prepping and paint coatings. We always use the correct methods, opting for smooth surfaces free of glitches of any kind. We also use the right coatings based on the door’s material and whether this is an interior or exterior door.

Want the doors painted along with the casings or not? Do you know what color you want for your doors or prefer to talk with an expert? Make an appointment for your free and non-obligatory color consultation and estimate regarding the Toronto door painting service.