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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

As you might know or heard, removing popcorn ceilings is neither easy nor safe. Let us make things easy for you. If you want to book popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto, Ontario, you can contact our company. Let’s make an appointment so that our rep will check the popcorn ceiling at your place and discuss details with you. Not all popcorn ceilings are the same, while the older ones may contain lead and asbestos – both very harmful. By leaving the removal of the popcorn ceiling to Toronto Home Painters, you can be certain that the job is done safely, properly, and correctly and the finishing results are beyond all expectations.

Popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Toronto

If it’s time for popcorn ceiling removal, Toronto residents can put their trust in our knowledge. These textured ceilings were popular some decades ago but not anymore. Also, the methods of texturizing the ceilings changed over the years.

Removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing the substrate are both difficult tasks. They are usually complicated tasks and in case there’s asbestos and lead, they are also harmful. Just the dust created in the room from the removal of the textured ceiling is not good for you – let alone inhaling lead and asbestos.

In our team, we have experience with such projects. The removal of popcorn ceilings is often involved in interior painting services too. Of course, you can contact us to have a popcorn ceiling removed and the surface refinished to improve the looks of a room, to stop worrying about potential health issues, or to sell the house without losing potential buyers. Nobody likes the idea of making improvements when they buy a home. But even if you don’t plan to sell, don’t you want a sleek appearance? Also, to be sure of your health? Ask us to remove the popcorn ceiling and avoid all potential headaches.

The process of removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing

Before they remove popcorn ceilings, the pros properly prep the room. Even if the textured ceiling is harmless, its removal involves lots of dust. And so, the area is covered for the avoidance of dust transfer. Once the popcorn ceiling is removed and debris is collected, the substrate is prepped. Holes are filled, damage is fixed, blemishes are addressed, and the substrate is sanded and properly primed before it is finished.  

Are you dreaming of a flat ceiling? Don’t you want to take risks with the old popcorn ceiling? Is it already turning yellow and you want it gone and the ceiling refinished? Do you want to book the painting of the entire room or home, the removal of popcorn ceiling included? Or, are you interested in making an inquiry about a Toronto popcorn ceiling removal service? Whatever your case, make us your first and only choice for a job done safely and well.